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General Rules

  • If you want to get a booth, be sure that we give you one before setting up. This makes it possible for us to set everyone up properly. If you set up on a space without letting the office know and that space is sold, we will ask you to move your stuff to another booth. As long as you receive your booths from the office and pay in advance, you will avoid this ever happening.

  • All booths must be paid for in advance. If you call the day before you set up and are given a spot, you may set up your booth before the office opens, but must pay when it does. If you rent a week or more in advance, you must pay when you reserve the booth.

  • If you want to rent a space for the next day, let the office know no later than 30 mins before closing.

  • You can only use the space and tables within your booth. The parking spot behind the booth is not selling space. 

  • Stay behind the yellow line. It keeps the aisle clear and clean.

  • Boxes and bags and other trash related to your merchandise must leave with you.

  • No Trailors, Box trucks, or similarly large vehicles on the front. If you have any of these, please  request a booth on the back side of the property. If you want to set up a tarp for protection from the sun or rain, this is also only allowed on the back side of the market. 

  • After 10AM you can spread out on an unused space next to you for half price. If you want to do this, notify the office and pay for the space. If we find out spaces have been spread out on without permission will we ask you to move your stuff from that booth for the rest of the day.

  • If you set up more than twice a year, we are required to have your sales tax ID # for our personal records.

  • Electricity is available for vendors who would like to use it. It's $4 per day, or $10 for the full Fri-Sun. People who only use electric for things such as testing tools are not required to pay for electricity.

General Tips

  • Set up Early

    • Vendors love to see what other vendors have for sale. At 8am, every vendor is a potential customer. And if you love bargains, you'll find the best ones right at opening time.​


  • A little Politeness goes a long way

    • Manners don't cost you any money and might make you some​. 


  • Bring Change​

    • Customers often break their 20s here. You're going to want to bring some change.


  • If you're wanting to make it a Business take Credit Cards​

    • This is especially true if you've got more costly items. There is an ATM on the property, but you don't​ lose the chance to make a sale when you can take cards yourself!


  • Ask if you're Unsure​

    • If you have any questions or are uncertain about anything involving rules​ just ask the office. Other vendors will often know, but it's always best to consult the office.


  • Have Fun​

    • We're here to make money, but we also want to have a good time. If you make your neighbors your friends, you'll probably be able to do both.


  • Read the Rules and Regulations​

    • Everything is going to be in the Rules and Regs sheet we will give you. If you read through them it makes it so there are as few hiccups as can be.

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